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If you want to truly be secure and protect your information you need the Dark Web. Knowing about the tools used will make you an industry leader in tech. Learn about Tor, Bitcoin, Tails, Qubes, Tails and much more.

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Dark Web Foundations

Learn about the basics of the Dark Web. Discover how to access the dark web and how to use the Tor Browser. This FREE course is perfect for starters.
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The Ultimate Deep Web Guide

Learn how to purchase any item on Dark Web Markets. Go through the process of purchasing anonymously using Tails, PGP, Bitcoin and more.
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Dark Web Security Guide

Become an online ghost and learn everything you need to know to be secure and anonymous.Understand a range of security tools and feature to stay anonymous.
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Tor Masterclass

Become a Tor expert. Learn about the inner workings of the Tor Browser and Proxy. Understand the onion routing protocols and security features offered by Tor.
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Danny Correia

“Very enlightening and interesting. Touches base on every concept that’s important to know on what you need to browse the deep web. Excellent!”

Roger Elliot

“Learned so much about TOR and TOR browser and how to use plus the importance of Tails operating system. Glad I took this course because I really understood clearly the concepts behind deep web :)”

Steven Munoz

“A really comprehensive guide to staying anonymous and buying in markets. I highly recommend this course to everyone looking to gain deep knowledge on DW.”